Global Pyrometer Market Size, Share, Growth, and Forecast Report

Global Pyrometer Market Exhibits CAGR of 7.5% during 2021-26. The factors surging the market growth are rising technological advancements in remote control monitoring, the launch of innovative & advanced pyrometers for high-temperature applications, and increasing automation in several industries. Moreover, the mounting popularity of dual-wavelength devices and the increasing demand for pyrometers in quality assurance processes are also the key factors that could accelerate the market growth.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Global Pyrometer Market got negatively impacted; the Government took some strict measures that resulted in the halt at various manufacturing operations & supply chains, leading to a significant decline in the overall pyrometer demand.

However, with the resumption of manufacturing units and rising digitalization & modernization of industries, the overall economy is reviving. Hence, with the rapid industrialization, the pyrometer demand can substantially hike over the forecast timeline.

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Dual Wavelength acquired a considerable market share in 2019 due to its rising popularity among end-user industries. The device measures temperature through visual obstructions, such as water, steam, flames, and plasma.

Additionally, Multi-wavelength is likely to attain the highest CAGR in the forecast period during 2021-26. The application of devices is propelling among industries like metal processing as it measures the temperature of non-grey body materials such as aluminum, copper, specialty steel.

Europe is likely to register the fastest growth over the forecast period during 2021-26 due to burgeoning funding in building gas infrastructure, surging popularity of handheld communication devices, and stringent government regulations toward the mandatory use of temperature sensors.

Asia-Pacific, on the other front, can witness robust growth over the forecast period due to:

•    The snowballing public-private partnerships to drive pyrometer adoption

•    Increased government funding toward glass manufacturing

•    The rising popularity of application-specific pyrometers

The key leaders in the global Pyrometer market are Fluke Process Instruments, Proxitron Gmbh, Williamson Corporation, Bartec Group, Aoip, Calex Electronics Ltd., Pyrometer Instrument Company, Micro-Epsilon, K-Space Associates, Inc., Process Sensors Corp., Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc., Tempsens Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Manyyear Technology, Keller Hcw, Germany, Cress Manufacturing Company Inc., etc.

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